Lucidity SBM (Small Business Management) is located in Central Pennsylvania and was formed by Steve Header in 2017.
Steve has spent his career in corporate America as a Global Product Manager, Project Manager and Engineer. His education includes a Mechanical Engineering degree and an MBA.
When his corporate function in the Americas was scheduled to be disbanded, three options were available. Move to another country, find another corporate job, or start down a new avenue where his education and experience could have a positive influence in the community providing big business guidance to small businesses.
Small business owners are a unique breed, they don’t just operate a “business,” they gave birth to their business, its their baby. They don’t want or need a full time babysitter, just an occasional helping hand.
Lucidity SBM helps small business owners and managers overcome these stumbling blocks, bumps in the road, and forest fires when and where needed, allowing them to get back to the business of doing business.

Our Mission

Provide big business guidance and services to small businesses