Success Stories

Special thanks to Bauhaus for allowing us to post their success story! 

Bauhaus VLike most small businesses Bauhaus was fully immersed in the business of satisfying their customers. Unfortunately, being a small business, this left precious little time or resources to focus on running the “business” of their business. It was getting away from them; and like most, Bauhaus’ initial thoughts were they needed more help, i.e., more employees, to regain control.

Bauhaus MongoliaThoroughly evaluating  Bauhaus’ operations, managerial practices and financial accounting system, a few challenging areas emerged. Lucidity SBM recommended changing the accounting system, inventory consolidation changes and developed a competitive strategy, which redirected their sales force, and advised against adding any new employees in the short term.

Together Bauhaus and Lucidity SBM reviewed and implemented these changes over a three week period.

Bauhaus now had a clear view of its business and where it was headed, and how to quickly monitor its health to ensure they don’t lose sight of their goals.

We wrapped up the project with employee training. Each employee learned what Bauhaus did, how they did it and more importantly why they do it. It didn’t take long and we knew we had a winning strategy that would make a positive impact.

Within two quarters, sales were up 22% with a net profit increase of 16%, and without adding a single new employee, yet!