What we do

If you have an immediate problem, or need help understanding where your business is, or have a vision of where you want it to be . . .
Lucidity SBM can provide strategies and answers that drive success. We’ll find the solution:


action Help with Immediate business problems
ExcelSet-up basic accounting system and training in Excel
Set-up and training with QuickBooks QuickBooks
Financial StatementsCreate and help understand financial Statements
         – Income Statements
         – Balance Sheets
         – Cash Flow Statements
         – Days of Inventory/ Inventory Turnover Ratio


Market trendsMarket Trends/ Industry Driving Forces/ Target Market Analysis
Marketing word cloudMarketing plans/ Marketing Communications
swot-analysisCompetitive Strategies/ Competitive Advantages/ SWOT Analysis
enterprise-it-roadmap  Develop product or service Roadmap
Magnifying Glass - AnswersHelp with Long-Term business concerns and sustainability
Project-Management Project Management
Change Management IconChange Management